Demo of phpRegister

Current version: 1.2.1

My website

phpRegister default pages:

  • Home
  • Contact
  • Sample
  • Log In
  • Sign up
  • My Account section
    • Details and manage of several adresses
    • User Support (Helpdesk)
    • Sample
  • Footer on pages


  • Multi Language support
  • Responsive design (Android and iOS support)
  • Full compatible with Firefox, Chrome, Opera, IE10+ and Edge.
Demo of default pages of phpRegister website

Administration section of my Website

phpRegister Administration features:

  • Charts of accounts registration:
    • Total of registrations
    • Type of registrations, social networks or Email/Password
    • Choose time range of charts
  • Manage accounts
    • Search accounts
    • Send an email to a user
    • Get detailed information
  • Help desk
    • Search ticket
    • Update ticket status
    • Reply to tickets
    • Delete ticket

Testing Administration:

For testing the Administration section, over 500 000 have been randomly-generated. These accounts are randomly-generated every day.

Demo of Admin section of phpRegister